Ecuador – Stepping Into The “Unknown”

Ecuador thumbs upAs many of you know, I’m heading to Ecuador in a matter of days.  It’s gonna be awesome loving on kids, being surrounded by a different culture and serving with a great team of folks.

In preparation for this trip, we’ve had various meetings outlining the basics of what we’re going to experience.  We’ve talked about things like our fears, our concerns and our hopes regarding this adventure.  We have itineraries and plans for how things should go.  We’ve prepared the best way that we know how.  Honestly, we could plan until our eyeballs fall out, but one truth still remains:  Whenever God is leading something, there’s always a certain amount of “unknowns” or “what if’s.”  That’s just the way it goes and I think He’s designed life that way.

Imagine if we could tell the future…..if all outcomes were made known to us before they happened….if we knew the pain we would experience tomorrow….why would we need faith?  Why would we need goals?  Why would we need God?

Here’s the thing, God’s agenda is totally different from ours most of the time and I’m grateful for that.  He is always preparing us, always strengthening us and always using us for purposes beyond anything that we can fathom.  Purposes that will ultimately glorify Himself.

The hard part is trusting that He’s got this, that He’s holding us in His hands…..that He’s leading.

The reality is that no matter what big thing we’re facing, there’s always going to be loose ends that need to be tied.  There’s always  going to be the anxious question of “what’s next.”  There’s always going to be risk.  There’s always that humbling realization that God is actually using ME….little ‘ol ME!  All of this can be exciting, scary and humbling at the same time!

The great thing is that sometimes, we have no choice but to lean on our God….you know, the God whom we put our faith in everyday….In this case, the God who is the root reason for this trip!

So, as we are only 5 days from our trip, I’m approaching the challenge of something new with open arms.  I’m trusting that God has already laid the path, I just need to walk down it.  The loose ends will tie themselves, the question marks will fade and the presence of Jesus will be there….I really believe that.

God is so good and I’m honored to be a part of His work…..”unknowns” and all!

God Bless,







6 thoughts on “Ecuador – Stepping Into The “Unknown”

  1. I’m beyond excited for you and everything you’re going to learn from experiencing this trip. I can’t think of a better man to be going… The kiddos in Ecuador are going to teach you so much, that you can In turn, bring back to teach our famiLy. 💜


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