A Few Thoughts

imageTo be honest, I don’t have much to say tonight, so I’ll be brief.

Some evil stuff happened in Brussels today.  People died, injuries occurred and fear was planted in our hearts yet again.


Don’t lose faith though friends.  Don’t let fear steal your joy.  Don’t lose sight of what’s important.  Don’t forget to hug your family.  Don’t hide your face from the only One who gives hope…..Jesus Christ.  He’s the only constant.  Period.

Lastly, let’s pray for our enemies tonight along with the victims, knowing that Jesus’s love can penetrate even the most evil of hearts.

God is bigger and He’s eternal.  All the evil going on is temporary.  Join me in keeping our eyes on the prize.  Take a deep breath and relax in knowing one thing…..THERE IS HOPE!!!

God Bless,




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