Why Love Knows No Borders

multicultural loveWhen I got home from work today, there were 2 envelopes in the stack of mail with the word “Compassion” labeled on them.  Typically, this means one thing….LETTERS FROM NICOLE AND ALAN!  These are the names of the 2 children that we sponsor in Ecuador.

I look forward to reading their simple words, translated into English.  On the back of the letters, there’s questions that they answer about themselves in their own handwriting.  I will literally touch the words that they’ve written on the paper….knowing that little pencils here held in little hands that wrote little thoughts to us about their lives….all from a country thousands of miles from us.  Pretty amazing to think about.

Typically, I read the letters and I comment on how cute they are and how I love their pictures that they draw for us.  This time though, towards the end of each of the letters, both Alan and Nicole wrote some things that touched me in a simple, yet profound way.  Alan wrote, “But I also want to say I hope to be able to know you someday.  Thank you for being my sponsor.  I send you thousand blessings.”  Nicole wrote, “But I also want to say remember always that here in Ecuador you have a person who prays always for you and remember you.  God bless you.”  Wow.

What a humble feeling to know that 2 beautiful children from another country are praying for my family and wishing us blessings!  Brings tears to my eyes.  I felt so loved.

These kiddos are living in poverty, yet they are praying for me, an American who has more than enough.  I start to feel guilty for receiving anything from them, even if it is their prayers and blessings.  God sees it differently.  He wants us to accept love through the vessels that He chooses, hoping that we also become vessels, overflowing to those around us.  It’s how He works.

His love is boundless, not restrained by time, distance or any obstacle.  Culture, status, possessions and geography are mere tools for God to use, not to stumble over.  He thinks outside the box and uses the most creative ways to spread His love to and through others.  Shoot, He used kids from Ecuador to encourage this 35-year-old man with a few simple words, motivated by a big God-fueled love.  Powerful.

I’m learning that love exists beyond the borders that we draw around ourselves, our communities and our churches.  This is a new way of thinking for me and I’m excited to dig deeper.   It’s a big world out there!

God Bless,




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