I Almost Missed The Rainbow!

rainbowYesterday afternoon, I went for a run around the neighborhood.  My knees hurt a little, but I decided to push it anyways.  I also noticed super dark clouds overhead and rain was falling on the hills to the west of me.  The second that I stepped outside, the sky started to spit a little….then it started to rain like crazy!  I considered heading back inside, but I didn’t let the thought simmer too long.  So I went and I’m glad I did!

If I would have passed on running, I would have missed a lot of things.  I would have missed the glow of rain drops lit up like small sparks by the sun.  I would have missed the smell of spring and the light breeze against my face.  I would have missed the “I hate it, but I love it” feeling of exercise.  Most of all, I would have missed the beautiful, bold rainbow that presented itself against the dark backdrop of clouds and sun and trees….powerful.

Although this is a small example, life kind of parallels this doesn’t it?  The temptation to be comfortable and safe is so tempting.  It takes the DECISION to push through the uncomfortable to often experience the good, chewy, flavorful things in life.  Many times, we can’t trust our feelings….we have to rely on the sheer power of our will and our motivation to just GO!

Whether it’s taking that new job OR reaching out to a hurting friend OR standing up for what’s right OR taking a big step of faith OR checking Jesus out for the first time OR simply just running…..the “rainbows” often show up smack dab in the middle of the uncertainty, grit, mystery and the risk of it all…beautiful.

Join me in rolling out of bed each morning with the expectant certainty that we will push ourselves harder and farther.  Let’s look for the path of MOST resistance!  Let’s peak around unfamiliar corners with confident grins on our faces, knowing that the God of the universe is waiting to impart the most amazing things to those who trust Him.


God Bless,




4 thoughts on “I Almost Missed The Rainbow!

  1. I think this is one of the reasons God brought us together… Without you, I’d always play it safe. You make me ‘live a little’, and jump in to experiences I’d never seek otherwise. Even though it annoys me sometimes, I’m grateful. 😉💜


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