Why Happy Hour Is Important

Happy HourMy wife and I started a new thing a few months ago.  After work, when I get home, my wife and I enjoy a small chunk of time together….we’ve named it our “happy hour.”

Typically, happy hour consists of her and I sitting in the kitchen on bar stools, beverage in hand while the boys are in the other room entertaining themselves.  If interrupted, we “encourage” the rug rats to leave us alone, explaining that it’s mom and dad time.  Works pretty well!

We take this time to catch up, talk about the day and just be together.  Like a mini date.  It’s been awesome.

Let’s face it, we all need a break sometimes.  The daily routines that we each face can become so boring, habitual and lackluster to say the least.

Having this little time set aside each day has given us both something to look forward to…..a common platform to stand on together.  A break from the craziness!

Realistically though, time doesn’t always allow our golden time to happen.  Schedules and things get in the way and that’s ok…such is life!  We give it our best shot nonetheless.

Here’s the truth: if my wife and I aren’t in-sync and rested, our family dynamic just becomes good, not best.  That’s just how it goes!

So how can you and your spouse take time to chill today?  I bet if you try really hard, you can find a few minutes to sit, look into each other’s eyes and ask “how the heck are ya?”  There’s always time to be busy……ALWAYS!  There’s only a short amount of time to take a sec and enjoy some nice moments with the one you love…..so do that!

Here’s to happy hour!!!!!

God Bless,






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