Why Our Stories Matter

magic open book of fantasy stories

I’m 35 years old and I’ve often wondered, “how in the world have I survived this long?”  Really, it’s a small miracle.

From my clumsy years as a child, to multiple crashes in cars and on bikes, to numerous jumps off bridges and cliffs, to many nights of partying and being stupid, to many crappy decisions…..God has held me in His hands for some reason.  Don’t ask me why….but He has.

Maybe God’s up to something in my life….maybe He has a plan for me…..maybe my story matters!

Over the years, I have made a horrible habit of minimizing myself…..I have placed the label of “normal” and “insignificant” and “ordinary” smack dab on my forehead.  I have assumed that my journey is as insignificant as a small feather, drifting in the ocean.


The truth is, our stories hold power.  Every single experience has crafted you and me into the beautiful creations that we are!  These experiences, whether good or bad, can add encouragement and wisdom and flavor to the lives around us…..they might even alter somebody’s path completely!

In a big, big world, it can be tempting to forget that we were created by a big, big God who has big, big plans for each of us.

Slowly and deliberately, I’m discovering that I AM significant.  That even MY story matters.  The process has been pretty messy though and that’s ok!  I wouldn’t be Paul without gathering a few cool scars along the way.

Truly, I’ve had to adjust my perspective a lot.  I’m learning to look at the past, present and future through eternal eyes, trusting that God knows what He’s doing…..it’s really the only thing that makes sense to me…but man, it’s really hard to do sometimes.

Here’s the thing…Jesus loves you and He loves me.  He wants to fill each and every one of us with His joy and peace and perspective.  He wants to mold us, bend us and break us so that he can USE us for His awesome purposes.  That’s why we’re here!

You and I grow so differently which is why we each hold such beautiful, unique stories.

Maybe, just maybe, your story has a purpose.  The rough experiences and decisions from your past have no hold on your future……they only add to the depth of who you are…..if you are open.

Please, please, please, don’t hide who you are or mask where you’ve been.  Let your light shine!  Right now, this very second, you are breathing because of the grace of God.  He’s not finished with you yet.

God Bless,






6 thoughts on “Why Our Stories Matter

  1. I think this blog post needs to be copied and handed out to every teenager in the world. Great words, beautiful thoughts, so very meaningful. I love you.💜


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