Why It’s Good To Be Uncomfortable

comfortableMany times, ok most times in my life, I have chosen to take the comfortable path…..it’s predictable, safe and failure isn’t really a threat…..it’s comfortable.

As I’m getting older, I’m discovering that sometimes too much comfort can lead to complacency, even boredom.  It can stunt growth as we settle for “mediocre” when “great” is right around the bend.

It’s not that being comfortable is a bad thing, because it’s not.  The rub comes when we give up our potential as difference-makers, for the sake of sticking with what we know. 

So what is it?  What stops us from stretching?  I think it’s 2 main things: LAZINESS and FEAR.  We’re gluttons for the easy life….looking for short cuts and bean bag chairs to rest our easy lives on.  But we’re also afraid of risking too much, of failing, of life going in an unplanned direction.

I’m guilty of both of these things and I’ll admit it, fear plays a big factor in my decision-making.  It always has, but I’m trying to kick fear’s booty….you know, show it who’s boss.

Slowly but surely, I’m directing my decisions toward not-so-comfortable commitments and situations.  I’m leaning in to the stomach butterflies, I’m leaning into the “what if” thoughts, I’m leaning into the possibility that God can use even ME for great things…..and it’s kind of scary, and freeing at the same time.

In your life, doesn’t it seem like the coolest things have happened when things are on the line?  When failure is a very real possibility?  I’ve totally noticed that!

Life really is too short to be comfortable ALL the time!  Let’s throw a little Tabasco or Sriracha on our lives, on our decision-making, on our faith.  We need some spice and flare, some courage to take a step forward into the beautiful life that God has planned for us.

Don’t worry, He’s patient and He knows how we’re wired.  I’m sure He’s engineering that miraculous not-so-comfortable situation right now, just for you :).  Will you be ready?

God Bless,




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