Why Being A Christian Isn’t Cool

Not CoolI’m a Christian, believe in Jesus, trust the bible and the whole bit.  I pray, often out loud, while driving down the road, for all to see.  I listen to a lot of Christian music with sometimes cheesy, weird beats and no cuss words.  I go to church and worship a Man named Jesus who I believe has saved the world by dying and coming back to life.  Yeah, to some people, I guess I’m pretty weird….at least in comparison to our culture.

I’m especially weird because I’m a dude and I’m trying to follow the ultimate Dude, Jesus who is more dudical than any other dude.  He teaches us men to be loving, to be humble, to be leaders in our homes, to fight against lust, to respect our wives, to discipline our children, to be generous, to be full of character, integrity and grace…..I guess it can sound pretty lame when you consider the alternative that our culture offers:  sex, lust, pride, status, greed, promiscuity, divorce, pro-choice, pro-marijuana, pro-equality, pro-everything.  Man.

So here we are, as Christians in this spot of tension.  Do we keep our mouths shut, comply with culture and try to remain neutral, hoping to keep our Facebook friends, Twitter followers and social circles intact?  Or, do we lovingly make known our Christian views, sharing the Good News about Jesus’s saving grace, while risking the title of “bible thumper” or “holy roller” or “hypocrite?”  Pretty dang tough.

I think we need an uncool revolution in this country, in this world.  Seriously.  We, who label ourselves as “Christians” need to re-focus.  We need to speak the truth, even when it hurts.  We need to replace the luke warm water in our mouths with hot sauce baby, confidently sharing God’s peace, grace and power.  Remember that moment when Jesus spoke to you?  Where He changed your life?  Dwell on that, draw your fuel from that, share that, invite others to experience that!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, this is a wake up call to myself as I write this.  I’m as messed up as the next guy.  I’m broken, but loved.  I’m a sinner, but forgiven.  I was lost but now I’m found.  I need to share this more.

Let’s be uncool together friends.  Let’s be different.  Let’s allow God to guide our conversations and interactions.  Let’s be light in the darkness, knowing that in the end, our “uncool” God wins.

God Bless,




9 thoughts on “Why Being A Christian Isn’t Cool

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