The Day I Flipped Kids Off in the School Bus

School busI was driving home from work today and found myself stopped at a traffic light.  Next to me was a car with 2 little girls in the back seat….maybe 4-6 years old.  I could see them looking over at me, trying to get my attention….you know, kid stuff.  I ignored them for a second and then suddenly looked over with the cheesiest smile that I could muster and waved wildly.  They started giggling, probably soaking in the success of getting an adult to react.  Glad I could contribute!

Rewind about 15 years or so and the story was completely different.

I was about 20, driving around, running an errand or something.  A bus full of school kids was in front of me and we stopped at an intersection.  The kids in the back were staring, being goofy… know, kid stuff.  I ignored them for a second and then suddenly looked up and…….flipped them the bird!  That’s right, I did it.  They looked shocked and patted each other on the back while other kids came to peek at the crazy guy in the car behind them.

Why did I react in such an immature way?  I’m not sure.  Maybe I was having a bad day, maybe I was insecure, maybe I was just being an idiot….yeah, probably the last one.  Either way, it wasn’t the proudest moment of my life.  15 years later, it did teach me a lesson though.

As I waved at the girls today, something dawned on me…..I am a completely different person now, than I was then.  I’m not just talking about maturity, I’m talking about motivations, perspective and heart change.

I would never even consider flipping off a bunch of kids…..kind of funny to write that sentence.  Really though, I just wanted to make those girls laugh…you know, have a story to tell their mom or whoever, that’s all.  I don’t know them, but I love them because their kids, God’s kids.

I think that’s my simple take away.  God has changed my heart.  He’s molding, bending and refining my heart to kind of look like His.  Because of that, I look at people differently, love differently, serve differently and just be me differently, it’s pretty wild.

Any who, He can do that to your heart too.  I’m sure there’s silly, dumb stuff that you’ve done….maybe you’re still doing it.  Hope and change are available to each of us, free of charge, debt paid on a wooden cross by a Guy named Jesus.

Think about it, soak it in, that heart change could be right around the corner!

God Bless,





10 thoughts on “The Day I Flipped Kids Off in the School Bus

  1. I can’t believe you flipped off a bus of kids! You’re horrible!!
    I’ve been a fortunate witness to your softening… And I love it. I think having our own kids did that for both of us though, helped us look at life in a completely different way, through a softer lens so to speak.
    Love you dear, ever proud of your changing and growing. 💜


  2. This reminded me of Pastor Georges sermon a few weeks ago. Someone flipped him the bird and his first thought was “Brake Check”. Sometimes I wish God would give us a Brake Check just to make sure we are paying attention to where we are headed.


    • That’s right Byron, Pastor George did talk about that! Ha, yeah, we could all use a brake check from time to time. God’s pretty good at keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure! Thanks for reading buddy!


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