Why Kids Are Like Dogs

kid and dogI love kids.  I love their simplicity.  I love their trust.  I love their freedom and I love their grace.

In fact, I get energized by just being around the little squirts.  Similar to catching the wind draft of a passing truck, their little spirits cause mine to sway and turn and lift a little.  They remind me of who I was and who I should be……myself.

I’m the proud dad of 2 handsome young men.  They have my heart and I’m gratefully humbled by the responsibility of leading them.

We also have a dog named Sami.  It’s a love/hate relationship really…..mainly on my part.  I like dogs I guess, but I don’t LOVE them.  My wife is the one who would do anything for our little fury, “first-born daughter.”

One thing that I do appreciate about dogs in general is how easily they forgive.  You can scold, yell and discipline them like crazy.  The next minute, those slobbery faces are covering you with kisses.  All is forgotten.  Time to move on and have fun again.  Life is good!

I think kids and dogs carry a strong resemblance in this regard.

There’s been days where I’ve completely lost my temper, thrown one of my boys in their room, slammed the door and left them there to think about the consequences.  Then, when I’ve cooled off a bit, I’ll slink back to their room at half-posture, asking forgiveness for my tantrum.

ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME, they give me a hug, wipe the tears and forgive me.  It’s a prime example of Christ’s love for us really.  Unconditional, grace-filled love….it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m grateful that I’m allowed to be less-than-perfect with my boys.  Love and trust definitely override the mess ups.

As a Christian, we are told to forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive again…not because we have to….but because we GET to.  Afterall, we have been forgiven, right?  Every day we are forgiven by a God that loves us, made possible by a certain Sacrifice by an amazing Man/God named Jesus.

I wonder if God put kids and dogs together in this world as reminders of forgiveness to all of us……I wouldn’t doubt it……I really think God has a sense of humor…..in fact, I’m convinced of it!

God Bless,




4 thoughts on “Why Kids Are Like Dogs

  1. It’s a happy day for this momma- by baby girl Sami made it into a blog post! Yaaaay!
    It’s the complete truth, and a similarity I’ve never pondered, but you’re right. Both dogs and kids possess that same unwavering spirit of trust and faith that we’re all called to have… Yet somewhere along the curvy line to adulthood, it gets blurred. We can learn so much from our littles, can’t we?


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