What Hangs From My Rearview Mirror

Cross from rearview mirrorI think a lot when I’m driving.  I’ve come to a lot of realizations, sifted through confusion and cried a few tears while rolling along the pavement, going from place to place.

It’s a comfortable space, free from distractions.  A sentimental oasis if you will.

Do you have something in your vehicle that means a lot to you? Maybe it’s a reminder of a past time, a picture of the family, or a random something found somewhere that brings you peace or comfort?

I have a few things that are meaningful reminders in my truck.  The item of most significance is the cross hanging from my rearview mirror.  It’s always there.  No matter my mood, no matter my circumstances, no matter the weather, no matter my frustrations, the cross is always there, peacefully swaying with every turn and bump.  It doesn’t change, it just simply is.

In a way, our relationship with God holds many similarities.  Although we can all be temperamental, fickle and shallow at times, God is still there, just the same as He was yesterday and He’ll stay the same forever (Hebrews 13:8).  We’re the ones who change.  We’re the ones who pull away.  We’re the ones who get distracted.  Here’s the cool part, God’s always there……but instead of swaying from a rearview mirror, He’s reaching out a hand to you, to me, to all of us……joyfully waiting for us to experience true life, in sync with Him!

Sometimes I reach up and hold that little cross in my hands, giving thanks for all Jesus has done for me.  I’m grateful that even though I change, Christ remains constant….full of love, power and grace.

Consistency is a rarity these days.  I’ll take it!

God Bless,





5 thoughts on “What Hangs From My Rearview Mirror

  1. Perhaps my favorite post of yours yet. You speak the truth, and it’s a reminder all of us need to hear. It makes no difference what WE go through here on Earth, Jesus is the same unwavering presence now and always. Loved this, hun. Well done.


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