You Ever Do This?

Past and FutureI’ve been doing a lot of internal reflection lately.  I have these seasons where I evaluate who I am, what direction I’m heading and where God may be leading me.

I typically like to look to the past to see where I’ve been and who I’m becoming.

My writing has been inconsistent lately.  To be honest, I’ve questioned if this whole writing thing was just a phase, a season if you will.

So, I started digging into my life archives and remembered a time in elementary school, I think it was 6th grade or something.  We used to have free-writing times, where we could create stories and share them with the class.  I was kind of the class clown and my stories were pretty goofy.  I remember that they always made people laugh.  You know, characters falling off cliffs, swinging from vines and crazy, rough-boy stuff like that.  I remember my classmates being engaged in my stories and how easy it was for me to put my stories together.

I then remembered my college days.  How I threw a 2o+ page paper together in a few hours, in the middle of the night.  The words just flowed on to the paper and they actually kind of made sense!

Strangely, these memories encouraged me.  I’m grateful for that.

I’m a little different from other folks in that, while other’s live in the past and struggle with moving forward, I often live in the present and forget to use my past as a tool.  There’s so much to learn from our past….I’m discovering this more and more as I get older.

So, in regards to my writing, I guess I’ll just keep hitting these keys and try to remain open to the direction that my words take me.  Maybe I would actually be disobeying my calling if I didn’t keep my fingers moving.

The answer isn’t clear just yet, but I figured I would continue this weird path towards self-discovery, my writing and my calling.

God is good, He’s got this and I trust Him.

God Bless,




6 thoughts on “You Ever Do This?

  1. I took a ten year break from my writing, and look at me now. Three novels available and more on the way. I’m looking at getting off the truck and writing full time, trying it out. I identify as a writer, even when I wasn’t actively writing. But the writing urge just wasn’t there for those ten years.
    So yeah, I do that. You get it. Just keep open and listen for the inner still small voice. You have talent, are blessed with it. ♡♡♡


    • Thanks for the encouragement and perspective Kristi! I guess I just think inside the box sometimes. I assume that because I’m not writing every day, I’ve lost the touch or calling or whatever. Your words and experiences are valued, thank you!


  2. Hey Paul,

    Don’t stop writing. You have a talent for it I’ve enjoyed your writings ever since you started sending them to me. They are crisp, concise, sometimes funny, and always to the point. In short, they flow well and they get the point across.

    Let me also give you a little more of your distant past of which neither you nor maybe even your mother may be aware. Your Uncle Ralph whom you never met used to write short stories, and I used to write in a journal frequently. I had a story of mine, a murder mystery, used as the basis of a murder mystery game at a gathering of Mensa members. It took me about an hour to write it. I was editor of the Southeast Michigan Mensa newsletter for over a year,

    Your cousins Marie and Philip also write, though not for publication. The poem Philip wrote when my father died was so poignant it brought tears to my eyes!

    I’m not saying that your writing is not directed by God because I think it is. I’m only pointing out that you also have a familial trait that urges you to write.

    I hope that urge stays with you for a long, long time.

    Love, Aunt Julie


    • Hey Aunt Julie! Wow, thank you for that input and encouragement….means more than you know. I had no idea that writing runs through the family. So interesting and motivating. This does urge me to keep going and for that, I’m so grateful. Love you and God Bless you!


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