Why Being Thankful is a Choice

ThankfulIt’s that wonderful time of year where the season is changing, leaves are falling, chimneys are starting to puff smoke, puddles are a constant and Christmas commercials are filling our screens and ears.

Most of all, it can be a time of reflection.  Along with the reflection comes feelings of joy, sadness, accomplishment, regret and pain.  The list can go on…..it’s different for everybody.

One word that stands out among the variety of thoughtful sentiments is THANKFULNESS.  It’s a pretty common thing to talk about and it has good feelings attached to it.  In all reality, being thankful can be hard to do.

For me at least, it’s a choice that I have to make daily, sometimes multiple times a day.  It’s counter-cultural in nature.

I think you would agree with me in that, at least in America, we’re always wanting more….the bigger and better….the latest and greatest.  It’s the American way people!

What ever happened to holding on to what we have?  What ever happened to savoring the present because we’re not promised the future?  What ever happened to content hearts?

I’ve known folks who have a lot and feel empty inside.  I’ve also know folks who have little and are filled to the brim with joy and peace.

In my experience, the key is to be aware of the little things in life…..the simple things…..the somewhat ordinary things…..the things for which we often take for granted.  Whether it be the smell of the coffee pot in the morning, or the hugs from our children, or the sight of nature, or the taste of a good meal, or the warmth of our home, or the water from our faucets, or the raindrops on our faces.  These are the things that overwhelm me and these are the things that humble me…..only when I take the time to recognize them.

Our lives are big lumps of experiences.  If somehow, we can take the good with the bad and cover it with the umbrella of thankfulness, I believe we’ll find content hearts in our chests…..not wanting more, but grasping for what’s right in front of us.

God Bless,









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