Laughing At My Own Farts

No FartingOh man, I chuckle as I write this post.  Believe it or not, I think there’s some truth behind this cloud of green smoke……

Have you ever let out a ripper that cleared the whole room?  You know, one of those eye-watering, rhythm-making pieces of art that disgusts all those around you?

I totally have and it’s quite satisfying in a strange, sick kind of way.

Watching others (hopefully people you know) pinch their noses, gag and flee the premises is actually quite hilarious.

In fact, some of my hardest laughs have resulted from this disgusting gesture…..most of the laughs were directed at the “victims,” but inwardly, I’m really laughing at myself.

It’s important to laugh at ourselves sometimes isn’t it?  Farting’s a pretty disgusting example, but I hope you get the point.

We’re all a little odd.  We all have our own quirks and nerdy attributes.  That’s what makes us different and interesting.

So often, we take life’s simplicities and brilliant moments and cover them with the black tar of seriousness and perfectionism.

I understand that there’s a time and place to be responsible, that’s just part of being an adult.  It’s finding those silly moments in between those responsibilities that’s important.  It adds flavor, lowers blood pressure and exercises our ability to be free….if only for a moment.  So be a dork dang it!  You won’t regret it!

I know this post may come across as stupid, gross and immature….I’ll agree, it kind of is :).  My hope is that you at least grinned a little.  C’mon, you know you did.

God Bless,



8 thoughts on “Laughing At My Own Farts

  1. I totally grinned! However, if you were to rip one of those right now with me in the room, which I am, I would surely NOT be grinning. So no funny business, ya hear?

    You know what? If you and I were
    In a crowded room and I smelled a toot, I would know if it was you or not. I really would! You have a very distinct scent. And even though it drives me crazy when you won’t stop tooting and stinking up the bedroom, it’s oddly comforting and reminds me of home. Wow. We’re becoming an old married couple. That’s cool. 🙂

    Love you, smelly McGee.


  2. You made me laugh this morning. Thank you for that because the world news is very depressing these days. I also remember the same thing happening to a student in a classroom. The offending student let go a smell and four desks immediately scooted away from him, leaving the boy the center of attention. Every student in the class knew what had happened and who did it. Have a good day, my friend.


    • Thanks for reading Senora Maas! I’m glad this brought a smile to your face. What a funny story you have….the good ‘ol high school days. Kids are so funny. You have a great day as well my friend!


  3. It will be interesting to read if anyone admits to doing it. If I have, I’ve blocked the whole episode. 🙂

    But I do agree that being silly satisfies my soul. A good hearty laugh lifts my spirits. However it is generated.


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