More Than a Crutch

ParachuteI’ve heard it said that those who believe in Jesus use Him as a crutch.  That “religious” folks can’t handle life on their own, so they need an “imaginary friend” to help them along.

From the outside, I can see why some people think this.  Until you’ve experienced the peace that surpasses anything that life can provide, it can look silly.  I get it.

As someone who follows Jesus, I would say the whole crutch thing is a little lame-sauce…yeah, I just said lame-sauce.  I prefer to put the crutches aside and think of Jesus as my parachute instead.

Crutches only support one part of the body.  A parachute means everything.  A parachute means life and without it, falling out of a high place means death.  That’s just it, Jesus is my everything.  I don’t just lean on him like He’s a piece of wood under my armpit.  I cling to Him for life because He is life.

If I ever start to just lean on Jesus for comfort, it’s ok, but it’s not the best.  He wants all of us.


God Bless,



6 thoughts on “More Than a Crutch

  1. Dude. This is deep! and So spot on!!!!!!

    Love, Mom

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    • Thank you so much for reading. It’s so easy to place God 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th or whatever, isn’t it? I admit to doing this in certain areas. It’s a journey for sure. A constant refining process. I’m so thankful to serve a God who’s patient and full of grace. Thanks again for you heart.


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