More Than a Crutch

ParachuteI’ve heard it said that those who believe in Jesus use Him as a crutch.  That “religious” folks can’t handle life on their own, so they need an “imaginary friend” to help them along.

From the outside, I can see why some people think this.  Until you’ve experienced the peace that surpasses anything that life can provide, it can look silly.  I get it.

As someone who follows Jesus, I would say the whole crutch thing is a little lame-sauce…yeah, I just said lame-sauce.  I prefer to put the crutches aside and think of Jesus as my parachute instead.

Crutches only support one part of the body.  A parachute means everything.  A parachute means life and without it, falling out of a high place means death.  That’s just it, Jesus is my everything.  I don’t just lean on him like He’s a piece of wood under my armpit.  I cling to Him for life because He is life.

If I ever start to just lean on Jesus for comfort, it’s ok, but it’s not the best.  He wants all of us.


God Bless,



Be You

NerdGrowing up, all I ever wanted to do was fit in.  To be “normal”, whatever “normal” was.

I wanted to wear the same clothes as the other kids.  I wanted to listen to the same music, watch the same shows and get into the same trouble.

I remember my 1st car….it was a 1985 Subaru XT.  It was red, with flip-up lights, with no radio and it looked like a wedge of cheese.  I carried a boom box in the back seat to listen to music and I always had a stash of batteries around, just in case.  It was awesome.

At the time, I don’t think I fully grasped how awesome it was though.  Sure, the “red rocket” was goofy and quirky and imperfect and unconventional, just like me…….but I still wanted the cool cars like many of my friends were driving.

I wanted to be like them and I surely wasn’t comfortable just being me….quirky old me.

A few years later, I bought a newer car with college loans.  It was a white Honda Civic.  At the time, it felt good to finally have a “normal” car.  To blend in a bit.  No one really cared other than me, but I thought they did.

As I’ve grown older, the pretentious pressures have faded away and I am focused more on how I can mirror Jesus by just being me.  There’s freedom in this.

Sometimes, I find myself reflecting back on who I used to be.  You know, the whole self-progress-report.  Sure, we shouldn’t live in the past, that’s not productive.  We must not forget what things have contributed to who we are today though.  That’s important.

The chubby kid who loves soda, basketball and crispy bed sheets is still there, deep inside.  The class clown who loves video games, getting dirty and riding bikes is still there, deep inside.  The kickball champ who plays the violin in talent shows and hangs out with the “unpopular” kids is still there, deep inside.  All these things make up the equation that equals me.

Be you, that’s who you were created to be.  God has made you for a reason and a purpose.  We are all special because we are God’s creation.  Live it, believe it, share it!  The world would be boring without you!

God Bless,