Truly Living

HappyWe are meant to thrive and to flourish.  We are meant to live joyfully.  We are meant to live content lives, rejoicing whether we have a lot or a little.  We are meant to be filled as we fill others.  We are meant to receive, in order to give back.  We are meant to show love to strangers, to the undeserving, to all those around us.  We are meant to do all of this under the umbrella of God’s great love and purpose.  Trusting that He is pulling the strings.

In all reality, doing all of the above is freaking hard, if not impossible to do some days.  In fact, it seems like most days, we are in a constant battle against ourselves.  There’s a war raging against the peace that God promises.  Many times, it seems like we’re losing that war.

The worries, concerns, doubts, pains and fears that we deal with are normal……..but they shouldn’t define us.  The struggles are meant to strengthen us.  To teach us that we are not meant to handle life’s pressures on our own.  God is our Rock, our Dad, our Friend, our Creator.  He’s all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving and He’s always available……if we choose to connect with Him.

Something that Christians often fail to recognize is this: people can get through life without God.  Folks can cling to other things like their stuff, accomplishments, nature, people, etc.  Is that how we were meant to live though?  To just “get through life”, day by day until we die?  To rely on the temporary, always aging, imperfect ways of things?  I would argue that we are meant to live for so much more.

Jesus is our hope.  He has already taken care of the dirty work.  He has offered us all the gift of salvation, of joy, of peace, of unsullied perfect relationship with Him…..we just have to accept it.  Again, we’re not forced to, but it’s there for the taking.  What a blessing and what a hope!  We should be the most excited people in the world!

Sadly, many “Christians” who claim to follow Jesus don’t look any different from the rest of the world.  They hit their alarm clocks at the beginning of each day and just survive…..that’s it, just get through the day.  Stop it!

Friends, every day is a blessing.  Every breath is a gift.  Every trial is an opportunity to know God better.  We’re meant to live in complete freedom, knowing that Jesus has prepared a place for us!

Living with this perspective is truly living.

God Bless,



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