Wrestling With My Boys

Father sonA question that my son asks almost every night when I get home is, “can we wrestle tonight?”  My boys and I love wrestling, we’re pretty good at it.

We come up with our own versions of “superman”, “airplane”, “hit daddy in the face with slippers”….you know, cool, painful games like that!  I love it.

The other day, my oldest had a great day at kindergarten.  He got a medal thingy for being safe and responsible, along with some other kids in his class.  I was really proud of him.  I told him that he could have some ice cream after dinner for a reward.  He was pretty excited.

So, after dinner, the boys and I were goofing around and I noticed that it was getting late.  We hadn’t had ice cream yet, so I gave my son the option: either we could keep wrestling or we could stop wrestling and have ice cream instead……he actually chose wrestling over “cookies and cream” ice cream!

I tell you what, that made this dad’s heart melt.  It made me realize how important our rough-house time was.  To me, it doesn’t seem like a big deal really.  To him, it’s interaction with his dad who loves him.

So, of course I caved after that.  He got ice cream and wrestling….I know, I’m a softy.  I was happy to give in that night.

Some nights, I don’t feel like getting beat down by a 6-year-old and a 2-year-old.  You know what, no rest in the world is more important than creating memories to last a lifetime.  I’m blessed.

God Bless,



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