Snowstorm = Excuse to Slow Down

Snow footprintsWe just had a good snowstorm hit.  It’s lasted a few days and it’s been awesome.  Typically, with weather events like these, there comes the stress of driving, keeping warm and stocking up for the days ahead.

I noticed something a little different this time.  As I’ve gone on a few walks, there’s been a sense of hush and peace.  There were folks walking hand in hand, bundled up, enjoying the white stuff around them.  There’s that consistent crunch of snow with each step and the smell of fires warming the gray sky.  There were smiles shared and simplicity renewed.  It was refreshing.

I also walked to the grocery store.  It was busy, but not frantic.  It felt like a holiday.  Actually, it was better than a holiday because people weren’t as grumpy or rushed.  Time has felt slowed down and the slow down has been welcomed.

I’ve been able to spend some good time with the family and create some awesome memories with my boys.

The snow is finally starting to thaw out and life will return to normal.  I’m sure that all of our schedules will become full again and the frantic pursuit of success and happiness will regain control.

Here’s the thing…..what if I don’t want to return to the craziness?  Is it even possible to hold on to the simplicity and care-free attitude that I’ve experienced in the last few days?  I think so.

You see, it’s not about what we have on our plates that matters.  It’s the condition of our hearts as we accomplish the day-to-day tasks in front of us.  Peace and productivity can go hand-in-hand, it just takes effort and perspective.

The bible talks about trusting God, being still and not worrying about tomorrow.  I think these are some pretty good ingredients for a happy, peace-filled life.  One that pretty much goes against the grain of culture.

Surely, there will be those days where I lose my mind.  There will be those days where I’m tired and weary.  There will be those days where I’m searching for the reset button.  Honestly, that’s just a part of being alive……it also gives us the chance to look beyond our own strength and efforts.

As long as I keep my hand on the pulse of God, I can’t lose.  All we’re called to do is allow Him to lead us.  It’s through His leading that peace comes forth and it’s through that peace that we are able to see clearly and slow the heck down…whether the path is snow-covered or not.

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Snowstorm = Excuse to Slow Down

  1. This post made me take a big deep breath…. And feel hopeful! I honestly have never even considered that the peace we felt this weekend could continue after the sled is put away. I think the newness and exciting nature of snow lends a childlike feeling to all of us… But you’re right. There’s no reason that same peace filled soul can’t accompany is through our everyday activities, snow or not…. It all depends on if we’re staying on track and allowing ourselves to be led and except His peace. Thanks for the awesome thought.


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