Crowd Surfing and Relationships

Crowd Surfing

We need each other…..we really do.  I’m discovering this more and more as I grow older.

My mother-in-law just passed away a few days ago.  She had a long, well-fought battle with cancer.  It’s been a heavy weight on the necks of all those involved.  We all miss her dearly.  At the same time, we reflect on the awesome impact that she had on our lives.

Through this grieving process, my family has been surrounded by an army.  An army of people praying, loving and giving.  There have been many kind messages sent, many warm meals made and many hugs given.  We are so grateful.

We are all in this together, aren’t we?  We all face the reality of death, of loss, of heartbreak, of sickness, of many things that plague this thing called life.  That’s why we’re called human BEINGS.  We’re meant to BE with each other when things are tough and also when there’s reason to celebrate.  At least that’s my take on it.

God has given us all the gift of relationship.  To be the strength in each other’s weaknesses.  To provide each other with clear perspective when the road seems foggy.  It’s beautiful really….and necessary.

I picture relationships as crowd surfing……folks lying on their backs, “surfing” across a group of people, trusting that all of those arms and hands will keep them above ground.  That’s life man.  We need others to “surf” with.  People we trust and people who love us.  People to lift us up with strong arms and hands when we don’t have the strength.

Right now, my family and I are a bunch of crowd surfers, floating above our strong army of friends and family.  We need it and we’re receiving it……we’re blessed.

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Crowd Surfing and Relationships

  1. Thanks for this hun. I’m personally not used to ‘crowd- surfing,’ but man… Without it, I wouldn’t have survived this past week. Love you….


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