Tough Times


Life seems real right now.  It seems real because tough things are happening to my loved ones and friends.  Loss might be the word to encompass what I am trying to express.

How do we deal with loss and hardships?  Is it possible to make sense of it all?

I have been asked many times why a good God would allow bad things to happen.  Better yet, why would this God allow crappy stuff to happen to really good people.  It’s a huge question to ask.  I wish I had a huge answer, but I don’t.

My answer is actually pretty simple….kind of.  I understand that it may not settle the question for many, but it’s all I got.

I could go on about how sin has been a part of this world since Adam and Eve.  I could go on about how we all fall short.  I could go on about how we need to be joyful in our times of trouble…..while these are all true things, it often doesn’t settle a weary, crushed heart.

Trust.  That’s it.  That’s my answer.  Trust in who?  Trust in God, the being that we can’t see.  Many times, we can’t see God clearly until we hit a wall of crisis…..when we are almost forced to fall onto our knees, throw up our feeble hands, bury our tear soaked faces in the ground and cry out in faith.  Sometimes that’s all we have left.

I am coming to peace with the fact that we are only human.  We don’t have all the answers as to why things happen.  We can try to unfold the mystery of life, but we only come up empty and frustrated.

Instead of racking my brain for the answers, I am often just left with the trusting of God’s character.  Trusting the Bible for what it says.  That He is a caring, compassionate, just, righteous, loving, forgiving and powerful God.  It’s the only consistent thing available in this tough world.

If this world is only temporary and if our lives are growing shorter by the minute, where do we find peace?  Not just peace for the moment.  Not just a distraction from the pain….but real peace.  The stuff that goes beyond all understanding.

I know this peace.  I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it in others and I know it’s available to the most weary, hurting soul.  It’s found in Jesus.  There’s a supernatural thing that happens when we truly call out to Him.  He listens.

No matter how tough life gets, Jesus loves you.  No matter how abandoned you feel, Jesus loves you.  No matter how much you’ve lost, Jesus loves you.  No matter how sick or weak or frail or lost or confused you feel……Jesus loves you, He truly does.

My troubles and loss are handled best when left in the arms of my Creator.  That’s where I find my peace amidst the storm.

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Tough Times

  1. The huge answer to ‘Why?’ for me, is ‘Self Will’. Not necessarily the self will of the person who is suffering, but in my experience suffering comes from humanity trying to work things out without their Higher Power. For whatever reason, God gave us self will, and God knows we (humanity in general) abuse it.

    And yes, trust is the ‘way out’. Leave it to our God to sort it out and ease the suffering, and better yet, let Him guide our footsteps in the first place. Just because we have self will doesn’t mean we must use it. In fact, we are better off if we hand it back to God and tell Him, ‘I think I’d rather follow You. I trust You to bring me through this.’ (Whatever ‘it’ is.)


    • I agree Kristi. We often trip over ourselves, don’t we? Our pride often prevents us from letting go and following God vs. taking the lead ourselves. Such a tough balance to find. Thank you for your comment.


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