Ignoring the Chance to Help

Broke Down Car

Have you ever had that urge to help somebody, but passed up the opportunity?  I have.

Last night, I was out for a nice, brisk run.  The wood fireplaces were burning, my breath was warming the cool air around me and the Christmas lights were sparkling bright.  It was awesome.

As I came around the corner, I saw a gal standing next to her car with the hood up.  My legs were tired and I was nearing the end of my run.  The thought of helping her did cross my mind, but I breezed right on by her…..”I’m not a mechanic.  There’s not much that I could help her with,” I told myself.  Excuses, excuses.

Suddenly, I felt the tugging to stop and head back that way.  Maybe I could offer to call a tow truck.  Maybe I could offer company.  Maybe I could offer a hug or a prayer.

So I turned around and started heading back….trusting the nudging that I believe was God.

As I approached the place where the car was, I noticed that the hood was now down.  I also noticed that the gal was inside her house…..she must have lived there or was visiting for the night or something.  Either way, she looked taken care of and in good company.

I know this is a pretty anti-climactic ending to the story.  The result of my attempt to help wasn’t anything special, but the important lesson that I learned was deep.  I listened to that persistent whisper, telling me to go back and help.  I fought the urge to keep running and instead, followed my heart.  You know what, I think that’s good enough for God.  He’s more interested in our heart and intentions vs. the end result…..ALWAYS.

Sure, God will bring some circumstances along our path that reap crazy, cool results.  Other times, I think God likes to test our character.  To see if we’ll follow Him in the little, small, simple things.  Sometimes, these are the toughest tests to pass.

I’ve missed many opportunities to help others in my life.  Pretty embarrassing, but true.  I’m thankful to have learned the simple lesson of following God’s lead and listening to that still, small voice…..even if the story doesn’t end with me in a cape, saving the world.

Have you ever missed an opportunity to help someone in need?

God Bless,



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