Where We, As Christians Have Failed


Many, many, many people have a bad taste in their mouths for Christians.  In many ways, I can understand why.  We can be close minded, hypocritical, selfish, demeaning, prude, fearful, sheltered, prideful….the list could go on.  I get it.

I think we often talk the talk, but we fail to walk the walk.

We had a guest speaker at our church this last weekend.  His name is Bob Goff.  This dude is dynamic and full of joy.  He’s a normal, yet exceptional guy who loves Jesus….and it shows.  He inspired me.

Bob said a lot of amazing things on Sunday.  I zoned in on one thing in particular though.  He mentioned that we, as Christians, need to say 3 words more often….I DON’T KNOW.  These 3 words are often lost in the Christian vocabulary.  Well, at least they were lost in mine for quite a few years.

I understand that these words are nothing exceptional.  Here’s what they do; they show humbleness and openness.  There’s comfort in hanging out with someone who doesn’t have all the answers.  This is the kind of person that I would want to meet for a hot cup of coffee.  This is the kind of person that I would want to share life with.  This is the kind of person that I am striving to be on a daily basis.

Here’s the thing…..we, as Christians should be the most approachable people on earth.  We should be overflowing with the hope that only Jesus can give.  We should be humble, always seeking more.  We should be at peace with what we know and also with what we don’t know.  Our role is to be open, to share truth and to love a lot.  That’s the meat of it…..and that’s also where we’ve often failed.

Instead of inviting discussion, we either puff out our chests in pride or we sink back into our comfortable circles of like-minded people.  I think part of this is due to fear.  We’re afraid of rejection.  We’re afraid of not knowing everything.  We’re more concerned with converting people to our own opinions vs. turning them in the opposite direction, towards Christ.

People can’t see Christ through a façade of perfection.  People see Christ through someone who has faced struggle, obstacles, success, failure, heartbreak, loss…….a real person.

I wonder what would happen if us Christians actually walked towards conflict.  If, instead of beating people over the heads with our Bibles, we offered them a seat across the table instead….to discuss life’s frustrations, hopes and challenges.

Thanks Bob for reminding me that the main thing we’re called to do is to love and love a lot.  To go out and do…not out of obligation or guilt, but because we are blessed.  To hold our drinking cups loosely for others, knowing that if they’re thirsty, they’ll take a drink.  Our job is just to hold the cup with love in our hearts.

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Where We, As Christians Have Failed

  1. It’s so easy to get stuck in an easy, monotonous rhythm of living the Christian life. ….I know, that sounds really bad, but it’s the truth, as with any thing else as well. We should have so much more overflowing from us though, you’re totally right. Showing love brings pure joy to the giver AND the recipient, and blesses everyone in its path- it’s a win/ win! I think if we all set out, each day, with the mind to love on others- incredible things would happen!


  2. Tell it, brother Paul!

    I know that the ‘bruises’ from Bible thumpings and judgment (without demonstration that the judge is living up to their own standards)…. These are things that kept me out of churches for many years. It wasn’t until I found a group of folks who accepted me without judgment (didn’t even look for whether I held their exact beliefs or not) and really seemed to walk their talk that I came back.

    I am glad to hear that there seems to be a growing movement toward humility and (demonstrated) unconditional love going on.

    Thanks for sharing. The world needs to hear from more people like you.


    • Hey, thanks for reading Kristi! I think many people share your story unfortunately. As Christians, our job isn’t to force our beliefs on people. Our job is to show love, share the Gospel, live the Gospel and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Thanks again.


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