What’s Your Decision?

English: Fork in the Road In the middle of now...

I think there comes a point in each of our lives where we are forced to make a decision.  We approach that classic fork in the road and we have to choose a direction….you ever been there?

We can face big decisions, or small, everyday decisions, but they’re decisions nonetheless.  It’s part of life.

The biggest decision of my life came when I was younger…..I honestly can’t remember the age or the time, but I know I made it.  This decision was simple at the time, but it has become more and more complex, mysterious and beautiful as the years have passed.

I chose to believe in a Man.  Well, not just any man, His name is Jesus Christ.  I remember feeling that internal pull….a calling maybe, I don’t know.  I chose Him though.  I chose to believe that He was God in the flesh.  That He was born, he lived, and that He died an excruciating death, nailed to 2 pieces of wood, formed into a cross, for humanity.  That He died not because we earned it, but because He is love.  That He came to save you and me from the hell that we deserve.  Deep stuff.  Controversial stuff.  Truth stuff.

The key to me arriving at this place came from both a realization and a need.  I realized that I was a sinful, gross, bad-intention-filled, hypocritical lonely person who didn’t stand a chance apart from Jesus.  I had a need and desire for hope…..I needed something or someone to put my trust in.  That Something and Someone was Jesus.  He called and I responded.

So I turned…….I turned myself around and I pointed myself in the opposite direction.  The fancy word for this is repentance….so I guess I repented.   Instead of looking to please myself, I was determined to please Jesus.  To love (or attempt to love) others the way that He loved me.

The road hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been worth it.  I have studied, I have questioned, I have doubted, I have struggled, I have overcome, I have fallen on my face in a dark room, crying out for the feeling of His Presence.  Oh man, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My decision has turned into a journey, which has turned into a passion, which has turned into a life change….a heart change really.  It’s a fluid thing, always changing like each ripple in a stream.

Could I have chosen to take the other road?  Absolutely.  We all have that choice.  Most of us have heard about Jesus.  Some of us have accepted who He is and have chosen to follow Him.  Others shudder at His name.  Some are indifferent…maybe you are fighting the tugging as you read my words…I don’t know.

I am not here to convince anyone to take a certain road…..that’s God’s job.  I’m only here to say that there’s a better way.  I encourage you to dig deep and check out this Jesus guy.  He created you, He loves you and He wants to spend eternity in Heaven with you.

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Decision?

  1. Beautiful letter.I to am a child of God,God said he would never leave us nor forsake us,and I will never leave him or forsake him.


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