Thankful to be Sick


I am never sick.  Really, I haven’t been sick for years.  I’ve gotten a few sniffles, but they’ve gone away over night.  I feel blessed in that regard.

I have just started my vacation.  I have a week off to spend with the family and guess what…..I’m sick.  Nothing too crazy, but I’m really not up to full speed.

My first reaction was to get frustrated at the timing of it all.  I mean, come on dude, really?  The weird thing is that I have somehow been able to find the positive side of feeling this way, despite this “inconvenient” timing… slows me down.

I basically sat around the house yesterday and watched football.   I had the chance to play with my boys at the park.  I had the chance to sit quietly in a room with my wife and just be.  I had the chance to cuddle with my son on the couch.  It was therapeutic, simple and awesome.

I’m thankful that God has reminded me of this simple lesson: life happens to us….sometimes at the most inconvenient times….the rest is up to us….how we choose to handle whatever life dishes us…it’s a matter of perspective and it’s a matter of who we lean on during the tough times.

I have been reminded of this through the simple trial of having a cold.  It’s the small, day-to-day tests that trip us up the most sometimes…wouldn’t you agree?

Today, I’m choosing to be content through my sniffles, sore throat and bad sleep.  I have the opportunity to slow down, smell the roses (ok, I can’t smell much, so never mind that statement) and be still.

If only I could master this perspective in other areas of life.  I’ll keep trying, one day at a time, one trial at a time.  God is good.

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Thankful to be Sick

  1. In a very selfish way, I’m thankful for the timing as well. (Pretty sure the boys are too.) you are a go getter in every sense of the word, so seeing you slow down is awesome! Especially this week, when we’re prompted in a way to count our blessings and be thankful… Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂 love love love our God’s timing.

    Now go and put your feet up.


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