Putting Make-Up On My Face

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When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Are you content with how you look?  Are you happy with how God made you?

For many years, I honestly wasn’t able to look in the mirror without wincing.  Without wishing I looked different.  Without being ashamed of my appearance.

I understand that most of the time, you don’t hear guys talk about this stuff.  You know, the whole appearance thing.  We, as dudes, are supposed to be free-spirited, not caring about the way we look……..or smell…..after all, we’re guys right?  I guess I come from a different mold.

I remember in high school, we had dancing as part of our P.E. class.  I had the opportunity of dancing with an older girl who I thought was smokin’ hot.  I had acne pretty bad during those days and I lived with 3 women….you know what that means…..plenty of cover-up was available to put on those pesky pimples.  So I did it….I put freaking make-up on my face so my older dance partner (who didn’t even know my name) wouldn’t see my zits.  I’m sure it was as obvious as day….I was a dude, who had no idea how to apply make-up to my face.

Oh man, it’s pretty funny, looking back to those times of insecurity.  It sure was tragic at the time though.  I’m not sure where my shame came from.  Was it the divorce?  The bullying?  What was it?  I am truly not sure.  I do know that I have fought this battle my whole life….

In the Bible, there are verses that state how we were each woven together in our mother’s womb.  That God knows the number of hairs on our heads.  That nothing, nor anyone, nor any power can separate us from God’s love…..these are the types of verses that changed my own view of myself…namely, my opinion of how I looked.

Once I actually accepted the truth that I was a special creation and that I was passionately loved, my heart changed.  Through the changing of my heart, my view of myself changed.  It’s crazy how that happens….I think it was intended that way.

Once my heart changed and I was finally able to accept myself, that acceptance overflowed to those around me.  Now I see others differently.  That they, too, are God’s creation and He passionately loves them….it’s a chain effect……a beautiful syncing of heart change and outward action.

I love myself because God loves me.  I am special, unique and delicately formed and molded….kind of like a piece of pottery.  The same goes for you too.  We’re all in this together and we’re all made the same: beautifully.

I’m proud to say that I no longer dabble in the whole make-up scene.  Instead, I’ve let my beard grow long, because I’m a man and I just don’t care…wink, wink.

What insecurities have you battled with?  How did you get past the struggle?

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Putting Make-Up On My Face

  1. It is nice to hear from the other side of the coin. From a female vantage point, I guess we don’t see that the same insecurities that plague us also plague you. Maybe we sometimes get too self absorbed in our own insecurities and we miss the cues. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it gives me extra insight on the inner workings of the man 🙂 A great reminder that are true identity is found in the one who loves and fearfully and wonderfully made us. Thank you, my friend. ~Blessings~


    • Thanks for reading Rebecca! I think we, as humans, struggle with a lot of the same things. We just handle them differently maybe. God is good isn’t He?! By the way you’ll never figure us guys out, but I commend your efforts :).


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