One Thing We All Have in Common

Window To The Soul

On my way to work this morning, I was just looking around at the different vehicles surrounding me in traffic.  You ever do that?  I got to thinking about each person.  They each have places to go, things to do and people to see.  I wonder about them.  I wonder how they’re doing and if they’re happy.

I then look at myself.  I look at my life and my own issues.  Maybe there’s somebody looking through their foggy windows at me, thinking the same thing.

Something occurred to me today…..we all make such quick and rash judgements about each other don’t we?  Initially our judgement is typically based on outward appearance, it’s all we know.  I guess we can’t blame ourselves too much…it’s a human thing to do…..shallow, but human.  God looks at each of us much differently.

Underneath our stuff, our clothes, our skin and bones, lies something that we each have in common as human beings…..our soul, our spirit, our conscience, or whatever you want to call it.  It’s what makes us go.

If and when I find myself making quick judgements, I try to look at people’s souls.  I’m not sure what a soul looks like, but I envision a glowing ball, sitting in the chest of every person.  We all have them and we’re all on the same playing field, aren’t we?  We’re all searching, we’re all surviving, we’re all desiring the best for ourselves and our families.  The best thing of all is this:  we are all God’s creations.  We are each made for a specific purpose.  He loves each of us the exact same.  Better yet, he sent Jesus to die for every single one of our little “glow ball” souls.  That’s the main course right there.  Pretty awesome.

When I maintain this perspective, every day, I start to look at people differently.  I have more compassion.  I have more sympathy.  I have a greater need to share the Good News.  I am able to show more grace and forgiveness.  My judgement goes away.  I gain more patience.  I’m an overall better Paul.  Is it by my efforts alone?  Absolutely not.  It’s the Holy Spirit, teaching me how to look at others the same way that God looks at me.  It’s a mystery, but it’s sure profound.

Have you ever caught yourself judging others?  How about people you’ve never met?

God Bless,



5 thoughts on “One Thing We All Have in Common

  1. I think I am fairly slow to judge people that I meet in person. I am open to the best of people when I encounter strangers on the street, or at their jobs while I am at mine. I smile and hope I can make their day a little brighter. Maybe restore a little of their faith in mankind.

    Because it is on the Grand Scale that I hold a lot of judgement. If I hear the news I think the world has already gone to hell in a hand cart. I see cruelty and ignorance and violence and pain and anger and I think The End can’t come fast enough.

    But my faith and hope are restored when I drill it down to the individuals I actually meet. People in small numbers are generally good. I approach everyone as a friend, and I really think that makes a difference. I can’t think of one person I have met in person and come away thinking ‘that guy is a jack-hole’. I don’t have much drama in my life (unless it is between me and my hubby – and that is short lived.) I attribute that fact to my outlook and attitude.

    On a slightly different note, I am truly amazed when we drive through major cities like New York, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. We are on a mission to make a pick or a delivery. Every car around us has people who are on a mission too. I think about what cities are and how they came to be, and how each of these towering buildings have offices where people work. And how few of those offices actually produce physical products. Most are there for the sole purpose of supporting other people in the city. And those people are there supporting other people. Grocery clerks and care givers and such. I don’t know if I’m making the reason for my sense of wonder clear. Cities by themselves don’t support themselves. Everything must be brought in. Food. Water. Clothing. Fuel. Construction materials…. Cut a city off from the world and it will die. But people still flock to cities. Endure the traffic and the pollution and the sheer population. I’m glad they do, because all spread out the numbers would spoil the countryside. But I personally don’t get it. I don’t get how we can just keep breeding…. Okay. I can feel myself going off on a rant, so I will stop there. But that is what I think when I drive down the road and see people in other cars.


    • I think you have a great perspective regarding meeting strangers and treating them as friends. I wish more people did that. In fact, I wish I would do that more often. You have a unique opportunity to see the country as a trucker (yeah, I just called you a trucker). I’m sure it is very interesting to experience the different scenery, cities and people. Thanks for sharing Kristi!


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