Writing for the Wrong Reasons


A couple of months ago, I had to take a break from writing.

The reason is kind of embarrassing…….ok, really embarrassing……I was writing for other people.  I was writing to please others.  There was pride involved.  I was constantly worried about who would comment, “like” or affirm my “great” words of wisdom.

It was not a good place to be in, so I stopped.  I tried not to think about it.

I had to re-focus on why I enjoyed writing and what led me to start this new venture of sharing my thoughts in the first place.

I was driving down the freeway about 6 months ago and I seriously heard a still, small voice tell me, “Paul, you need to start writing.”  I know it sounds weird.  You know, the whole “God spoke to me” thing.  It’s true.  It was kind of like those random thoughts you think while day dreaming, but it was persistent.  I prayed about it, hoping that I was just thinking weird thoughts.

For about 2 months, I couldn’t shake it.  The thoughts just kept coming.  One day, I basically just prayed, “Alright God, I’m trusting that what you are saying is true.  I will start writing.  I don’t know why, but I will, in faith.”  I felt a peace right then.

Since then, I’ve been writing my thoughts here, on this blog.  I truly have NO idea why I am writing, but I’m continuing to trust.  I’m doing my best to yield to a bigger purpose, whatever that is.  Hoping and knowing that God has a plan for my words…..not for my glory, but His.

You see, I’m not talented, God is.  My words are God’s words, speaking through my fingers.

This is where I need to stay….giving all the glory to Jesus.  It’s not about importance, it’s about obedience.  Being His hands and feet.  Using the skills and abilities that He has given me.

For me, I feel called to write down words.  Again, I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m trusting.  Hoping that the Lord will grant me the patience and grace as I attempt to follow His lead.

What are you being called to do?  How have you responded?

God Bless,



7 thoughts on “Writing for the Wrong Reasons

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  2. What a wonderful calling, and I admire your faithfulness to it, and your consciousness when you realized you were no longer doing it for the same reasons you started.

    I also feel called to write. In my case, it is fiction. My goal is to show people making the difficult choices instead of the easy ones. Giving a treasure to someone else. Trusting their heart and that still voice when the world is crashing to pieces around them. Having courage when every instinct says run.

    There is a trend these days of what I call the anti-hero. The so-called good guys who go to any length to achieve their goals up to and including torture and cold-blooded murder of the ‘bad guys’. I have a problem with this. There should be lines we don’t cross, no matter what. What is left of goodness if we sacrifice it all? Even when it is done for the so-called ‘right’ reasons. What we wouldn’t do defines us as much if not more than what we would do. I try to demonstrate that with my writing.

    I also feel called to help other aspiring writers by proof reading their work. I started offering to read and proof other writers at very inexpensive rates: a fraction of what copy editors charge. People are passionate about telling their stories, but not so skilled. If they want to be taken seriously, having a well written story helps immensely. I don’t have a degree, just a lot of personal experience and some key education, plus a desire to help. I also work with my clients if they can’t pay. It’s not about the money so much as it is about helping them tell their story.

    I feel blessed to be able to do this. I will be home for the winter soon, and I will be able to focus on my proofing service, and on my writing and marketing my books. This because Collin is willing to be out there alone while I pursue my dreams. Bless him.

    And bless you Paul. Responding to your posts always helps me get clear on whatever topic it is. Focus myself on why I do what I do. Thanks, friend.


    • Thank you, as always for your support and encouragement Kristi! Your insight is always refreshing and enlightening. I have yet to read one of your books! How would I go about purchasing one of them?

      I’m sure you are an excellent proof-reader….maybe I’ll have to give you a call when I decide to write my 1st book 🙂 That’s great that Collin supports your passions…he’s a good find there.

      I’m equally blessed to receive your responses. You give me a new perspective everytime.


  3. Ummm… SIdebar. I’m embarrassed to write this. But, I have to share. While reading, I thought you said “impotence” not “importance.” Haha.

    Above comment aside, I’ve been there through this whole time period. I remember the day you told me about the little voice and your desire to write. SInce then, I’ve never believed even for a second that your intentions were to please others. Not in what you’d say to me, or your actions. Not through your words, nor through the humbleness you show in your blog. Your words are relatable and respected. I for one, value your thoughts and your open heart on this blog. Keep it up babe, you have a true talent. You have followed the Spirit well!


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