Driving Behind Old People


There’s nothing more frustrating…….you’re going with the flow of traffic, sailing along, when suddenly, you see brake lights ahead.  You look around and don’t find an accident, or a breakdown or any other reason for the slowdown.  The only thing that you see is a big poof of gray hair behind a steering wheel, sitting low, both hands on the wheel, staring straight ahead, oblivious to the other cars around him or her.  Just driving along.

I admit it, I’ve had bad thoughts go through my head when this has happened.  I’ve envisioned running them off the road, speeding around them….I’ve stared at them while driving by, giving them the stink-eye.  I’ve been impatient because they’ve disrupted the 3.5 seconds that I could have gained in life from them not being in my way.  It’s stupid, illogical and not Christ-Like….I acknowledge it.

I’ve been working on my heart in this area.  Instead of trying to race by, instead of thinking angry thoughts, instead of searching for that extra 3.5 seconds, I’m slowing down.  I’m purposefully staying behind the car, because it’s teaching me something.  It’s teaching me that life moves too fast.  It’s nice to go 35 MPH in a 55 MPH area sometimes because, instead of watching the falling leaves flash by in a blur of colors you get to actually observe them shifting in the wind, taking their time as they creatively dance in the air.

Maybe the old folks have it right.  In a way I’m envious of their perspective, really.  They’ve got nothing but time on their hands.  Maybe, for some of them, they’ve witnessed the time fly by and they’re just looking out for us fast driving, fast-paced-moving folks.  Maybe not, but it presents a great opportunity to learn patience.  I’m thankful for that.

In what areas of your life do you need to slow down or gain patience?

God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Driving Behind Old People

  1. For me it is conversing with my hubby. That is where my lessons in patience come in. So many things come up. Either there is so much ambient noise that he can’t hear me or understand me, or I’m on a topic different from what he’s thinking about, or we each misunderstand what the other is saying. I have a bigger vocabulary than he does yet he knows the industry better than I do.

    I hate to admit it, but my common response is to get snappish and repeat myself louder, in ‘that tone’ that suggests a lot of unfair things. Sometimes I even cut him off with my response as if I know what he is going to say.

    On a good day, I can take a deep breath and just slow everything down, and not take it personally that we are missing the mark. I can recognize that we are both doing our best to get our point across, and our goals are the same, to get the job done.

    I wish I had more good days on this point. 😦


    • Oh Kristi, the whole man/woman communication thing. Trust me, you are not alone in that venture. We all struggle with communication to some extent…..especially with our significant others! I appreciate your openness with your struggles. The awesome part is that you are aware of your areas of improvement and you are humble enough to admit them. Thank you for sharing. With God, all things are possible….even getting along with our spouses :). Take care.


  2. Hey Paul, good words & reminder! When I am in that position, whether on the road, in a shopping mall or any place where people seem to be in my way, I try to think of what might be happening in their lives.

    Maybe they just had a fight with a family member or just lost a loved one, on their way to the hospital, found out they have cancer….. It helps me to have more compassion on an otherwise frustrating moment.

    I am still working on that…so thanks for the reminder! God bless as we open our lives to the work of the Holy Spirit in us!



    • Thank you for your words Suzi, they are so true. Great point about thinking about what’s going on in other’s lives when we are tempted to get frustrated or impatient. It is hard to do, but thankfully, with the Holy Spirit’s help, we can find the love and patience that only He can provide. Thanks again for sharing!


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