Soggy Cereal

eat me crunchy bowl in action

I was sitting down this morning to read my Bible and spend a little quiet time with God.  As usual, I poured a hot cup of coffee and had my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch ready to consume.  I sat down to pray and totally spit out rushed words because……well I admit it….because I didn’t want my cereal to get soggy.  Can you believe it?  What a lame reason to hurry words to my Creator.

I know it’s human to rush time with God, but it hit me this morning…..we really do put the most menial, unimportant things ahead of our relationship with God, don’t we?

What a temptation it is to dwell on our “stuff”…..on work, on relationships, on money, on Facebook, on pain, on whatever.  In the meantime, God is waiting for us with outstretched arms….that’s the important “stuff”.

Sometimes, we just need to tell our rapid-fire minds to shut up and listen to that Still Small Voice.  I have a hard time slowing down my thoughts.  I’m an easily distracted guy.  For me, I’ve found it easier to focus early in the morning, while driving, or outside, around nature.  It’s different for everybody though.

I need to work on letting my cereal get soggy, putting aside distractions and giving God the time He deserves.  What a challenge to pursue daily.

Do you ever find yourself rushing time with God?  How have you found that focus to just be still?

God Bless,



Driving Behind Old People


There’s nothing more frustrating…….you’re going with the flow of traffic, sailing along, when suddenly, you see brake lights ahead.  You look around and don’t find an accident, or a breakdown or any other reason for the slowdown.  The only thing that you see is a big poof of gray hair behind a steering wheel, sitting low, both hands on the wheel, staring straight ahead, oblivious to the other cars around him or her.  Just driving along.

I admit it, I’ve had bad thoughts go through my head when this has happened.  I’ve envisioned running them off the road, speeding around them….I’ve stared at them while driving by, giving them the stink-eye.  I’ve been impatient because they’ve disrupted the 3.5 seconds that I could have gained in life from them not being in my way.  It’s stupid, illogical and not Christ-Like….I acknowledge it.

I’ve been working on my heart in this area.  Instead of trying to race by, instead of thinking angry thoughts, instead of searching for that extra 3.5 seconds, I’m slowing down.  I’m purposefully staying behind the car, because it’s teaching me something.  It’s teaching me that life moves too fast.  It’s nice to go 35 MPH in a 55 MPH area sometimes because, instead of watching the falling leaves flash by in a blur of colors you get to actually observe them shifting in the wind, taking their time as they creatively dance in the air.

Maybe the old folks have it right.  In a way I’m envious of their perspective, really.  They’ve got nothing but time on their hands.  Maybe, for some of them, they’ve witnessed the time fly by and they’re just looking out for us fast driving, fast-paced-moving folks.  Maybe not, but it presents a great opportunity to learn patience.  I’m thankful for that.

In what areas of your life do you need to slow down or gain patience?

God Bless,