God is Bigger

big jesus

Lately, I’ve been trying to envision what Heaven will be like.  What seeing Jesus will be like.

During my random day dreams, I get to the point where my mind just stops.  It’s almost like my imagination reaches it’s limits.  My finite mind cannot and will never be able to grasp how huge, magnificent and powerful our God is.

I’ve found myself getting frustrated by my lack of creativity.  My “in a box” thinking.  My shallow perception of the spiritual world.

Just recently, I have learned to turn that frustration into thankfulness for God’s mystery.  I have embraced the reality that we aren’t made to know all the answers.  That although we think of ourselves pretty highly, we are pretty darn lowly in relation to eternity.

Let’s say that we could know everything about God and His purposes.  About Heaven and how everything works outside of this life.  No faith would be involved and we would essentially bring our Creator down to our human level.  Where’s the mystery in that?  Where’s the hope?  Where’s the awe factor in serving a God who’s bigger than us?

As humans, we want to control our surroundings.  We want answers and we want to see, touch and feel everything.  It’s unpopular and often thought of as “close minded” or “blind” to think any different these days.  That’s ok, I can understand where people can come up with that idea.  Really, I can.

I am not a bible scholar by any means.  I do know that God has given us an awesome resource and history book called the Bible.  It’s proven to be reliable.  In prophecy, in archeological findings, in the consistent pattern woven through all of the 66 books, written by 40 different authors and of course the most important part; in the story of Jesus.

Faith in Jesus goes beyond the facts though.  What happens in the heart is the most important.  Something changes.  It’s something that is beyond explanation.  It’s a change of attitude, focus and direction.  The desire to serve ourselves is still there….but the desire to serve Jesus is greater.

I believe in the truths of the Bible.  I believe that my changed heart is beyond anything that I could do on my own.  Not everyone who hears about Jesus believes though.  That’s just the reality of life and the reality of choice.

It’s not my job to change opinions or belief structures.  It is my job to love though.  Whether I’m showing love in sharing Jesus, sharing a hug or sharing a prayer, that’s all I got.  The rest is up to the Guy upstairs.  He’s bigger than me anyways.

What is your view of God?  Have you ever struggled with His mystery?

God Bless,