Being OK with Imperfect


I was standing in my kitchen the other day, looking outside at my backyard.  I had just done a little hedge trimming a few days prior.  I looked on the ground, at the base of one of the bushes and I saw a few leaves and small branches that I had missed while cleaning up.  There would have been a day that this would have driven me crazy.  I would have gone outside right away and started cleaning things up.  “Good enough” wasn’t good enough for me.  I wanted perfection.  It was unneeded anxiety…..truly a waste of time.

That day, I decided to let it go.  I left it alone.  The wind would blow those twigs and leaves away.

You know what?  I survived!  The earth continued to spin and life continued to move forward.  Everything was ok…..I felt free from the pressure of perfection.

This is a small example of what I’ve battled with my whole life.  Whether it be something small like yard work or more complicated like trying to earn God’s favor.

Perfection is so frustrating to pursue.  It can control every bit of a person’s life.  It is completely unattainable as a human being.

In fact, the only perfect person to ever walk the earth was Jesus Christ.  He is my Example and Model of ultimate love.  Although I attempt to be more like Christ everyday, I know I’ll never “get there” completely.  I’m ok with that.

So I choose to relax.  To give myself a break.  I know that I have a Savior who loves me, despite my imperfections.  That’s good enough for me.  That’s all that I need.

I still seek goodness and love everyday.  I will never stop trying to be like Jesus.  I’m just learning to stop stumbling over myself in the process.

Have you ever been caught in the trap of perfection?  How did you find that balance?

God Bless,



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