The Beach

English: Footprints in the sand My footprints ...

I just got back from an awesome time away at the beach with the family.  For me, the beach is the most serene, yet powerful place I’ve been.
I find peace at the beach.  I feel small when I’m there.  Although I feel small, I feel loved as well.  Reminded that although there is this big God who stops the ocean from swallowing me; He loves me….little ‘ol me.

I have trouble wrapping my mind around God’s love for me.  I struggle with that in fact.  I don’t fully understand it, and I don’t think I will ever fully comprehend it.  Maybe when I am face to face with Him someday, who knows.  I constantly ask God to teach me not only how to love Him more, but how to accept His love better.

I discovered something when I was strolling in the sand……I am now a firm believer that walking along the beach at night is even more powerful than during the day.  The waves and surf lit by the nearby hotels and houses, the moon, always there, God’s flashlight shining away.  The smell of campfire and the crashing sound of God’s creation.  Simplicity at it’s finest.  Just amazing.

I glanced down  and I saw a trail of tiny little footprints.  I pictured a little kid, running around, kicking up sand, hair blowing, not a care in the world.  I’ve seen that in my own kids.  I think God wants us to be that way.  That, similar to the little footprints in the sand, we need to leave God’s footprint everywhere we go.

It starts by accepting His love.  By accepting His grace through His son Jesus Christ.  Out of the acceptance of that, we’ll leave our own trail of joyful footprints.  I want that.

Do you have a tough time accepting God’s love?

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. So true Paul! I can relate to all of it. God’s love is hard to grasp at times & other times it is so obvious. He is an amazing God & I am forever grateful to be His child!


    • Thanks so much for the comment Suzi. You’re right, His love can be tough to grasp at times, yet His love can be completely obvious other times. I’ve found that it’s usually my own junk that gets in the way of accepting His love and mercy. It has nothing to do with Him not offering it. Thanks again for your thoughts!


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