Mtn. Dew

A Mountain Dew can.

I tell you what, nothing beats an ice-cold Mtn. Dew.  Not just a can or a bottle, but a fountain Mtn. Dew.  My oldest son enjoys sips of the sweet, yellow drink of the gods as well.  It’s not only the flavor that I enjoy, it’s the memories that come along with this special drink.

Many hours in college were spent shooting pool, hanging with the roommates, eating Super Burrito, and oh yeah, studying.  Mtn. Dew seemed to always accompany our activities, kind of like a faithful dog.  In fact, we had a shrine of Dew stuff stacked in one corner of our house, by our Pepsi machine that served….let me think…..oh yeah, Mtn. Dew, along with other drinks.  It’s not an addiction, I just like it.  No MDA (Mtn. Dew Anonymous) class necessary.

To me, the drink has been a fun part of my life and it still is.  It’s one of those simple things.   It brings back some great memories.  In fact, it’s stayed with me through the years and I’ve created some new memories.  One of which I am so blessed to have.  Sometimes on the weekend or when I get off work early, I will take my son to the park.  He enjoys being pushed on the tire swing.  We run, we play, we kick up some dust.  He usually knows that after the park, we make a pit stop on the way home.  We stop by our local mini mart and pick up a fountain Mtn. Dew baby!  He watches me pour it, we each steal a couple sips and then fill it again.  We’re rebels.  We’re Mtn. Dew men, resting from a hard day’s play.  We then proceed to jump in the truck, take the long way home, turn on his favorite song and share a soda together.  Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of him day dreaming out the window, sipping, listening to the music with a content grin on his face.  Nothing better than that.  It’s a simple memory I know, but I’m blessed to have it.

There are other things in life that remind me of past experiences.  Whether it’s a certain food, a particular place, a smell, a song, they’re all important.  They’re all a part of the story that is Paul.  I am blessed beyond measure because of the memories that I have, both good and bad.

What memories have shaped your life?

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Mtn. Dew

  1. Sweet memories, and here’s to making new ones.
    Campfire smoke still takes me back to our epic trips when I was a kid. 3 weeks, 7 kids, Mom, Dad, sometimes the dog and sometimes Grandma, cross country raising our own special brand of heck. I went to 36 states and Mexico before I was 7. Out of the way to see the big ones – Grand Canyon, Bryce, Meteor Crater, Yellowstone, Everglades…. And the Civil War Battlefields and Colonial towns back east. Always a little education mixed in with it.
    This next is a little strange. In 1994, at age 26, I went overseas to England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. My very own epic solo trip. For like 5 years after, when I put on the same ‘flavor’ deoderant I wore on that trip, I was right back there on that trip of a lifetime.
    Those childhood trips instilled in me a bit of wanderlust that informed my adult life, and still moves me today.


    • Wow Kristi, you have lived quite a life! Thanks for sharing those great memories. It’s funny how something as small as the smell of deoderant can bring you back to past experiences and memories. Very cool. I have to say that the smell of campfire smoke is one of my favorites.


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