Bird Poop

Bird Poop

As a young kid, life was kind of rough for me.  I wasn’t raised in a cardboard box or anything, we had all we needed.  It was rough because I felt sad.  I didn’t like myself too much.  I let others define who I was.  Nothing terribly tragic happened.  My parents divorced when I was 10, but that’s about the norm these days unfortunately.  I did get bullied quite a bit.  I’m really not quite sure why, I loved people and I was a nice kid.  It seems to be an epidemic these days and that’s terribly sad.

One of the key bullying episodes was at our neighbor’s house.  In the corner of their porch, there was a huge pile of dried bird poop.  For some reason, the kids thought it would be funny to grab handfuls of the poop and shove it down my shirt and rub it in my hair.  I ran home crying, needing a bath.  Why does that stick out to me so much?  Maybe because it was underserved and gross?  I’m not sure.

Although it’s a funny comparison, we all have bird poop stories in one form or another.  People treating us bad for no reason.  Shoving painful stuff in our face.  Gossip, lying, selfishness, stealing, the list goes on.  It comes with the territory of life when there’s a bunch of broken people trying to co-exist.  How we choose to handle the poop is key.  Do we have grace?  How about anger?  Maybe self-pity?

I thank God for those rough years.  For the opportunity to grow from the pain.  For the heart it has given me for others.  For the undeniable proof of God’s protection and grace in my life.  I am forever grateful for those defining moments.  It’s funny that, although we don’t understand it, God uses even the worst of situations for His good.

I’m a firm believer that letting the past shape you is good, but letting the past define you can be dangerous.

What past experiences could you grow from?  What past experiences could have a positive impact on someone else?

God Bless,



5 thoughts on “Bird Poop

  1. I don’t like that story, the mental picture makes me so sad 😦 fortunately though, you used that experience as a platform for growth. Not many people can do that. Hard not to live in the past sometimes, but necessary for that same growth. Good post.


  2. Paully this story made me so sad. 😦 You are such a good person with such a good heart. Even though we grow past bad situations, even the memory stings sometimes. I read a quote that says “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people always throw rocks at things that shine”. You shine… And you are a good man! Love you brother!


    • Thank you for the kind words sis, I appreciate that! I’m a true believer that, if we can learn from the past, and let it shape us for the better, we’ve won. I’m not perfect, but I thank God that He has given me the heart to forgive and love BECAUSE of what I have experienced in life. Thanks again for the comment.


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